Founded in 1960, Ziegler and Associates is a leading supplier of specialty electronic instrumentation, particularly to the sugar refining industry. We supply instrumentation for measuring many of the important variables required to efficiently boil high quality sugar. Our instruments are also used to measure turbidity and suspended solids in water treatment plants, breweries, pulp and paper mills, and environmental monitoring. All of our instruments are designed with sensors that insert directly into the process for in-situ measurement, and some of our instruments also have optional submersible sensors. Replacement parts and service are available for all of our products, which come with a one-year limited warranty.

Sugar Consistency Monitor/ Viscometer Syrup Concentration
Sugar Oversaturation Monitor
970-C Sugar Consistency MonitorMeasures viscosity of syrups in vacuum pans or any pipe. 971-C Syrup Concentration MonitorMeasures brix or concentration of sugar in syrups from 45% to 95%. 970-M Sugar Oversaturation MonitorMeasures boiling point elevation to derive supersaturation or oversaturation of sugar.

Turbidimeter/Nephelometer Suspended Solids Monitor
977-C TurbidimeterMeasures turbidity or low-level suspended solids in fluids (under 3000 ppm/2000 NTU). 978-C Suspended Solids MonitorMeasures high-level suspended solids in fluids up to 50%.

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