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Sugar Oversaturation Monitor Sensor Spare Parts Diagram

970-M Parts Diagram
(US Dollars)
Circuit Board 970M003 Circuit board $485.00
Clamp and Bolts 970M013 Bulb clamp and bolts (1 clamp and 2 bolts with washers $15.00
Flash Chamber 970M009 Flash chamber for sensor $512.00
Grommet & Bulb Seal Kit 970M008 Grommet & bulb seal kit (2 O-Rings & Grommet) for sensor $8.00
Junction Box 970M010 Junction box and cover (no fittings or terminal strip) $125.00
Matched bulbs 970M007 Matched pair of bulbs $318.00
Meter 970M011 Analog indicating meter with dial for front panel $210.00
Panel Assembly970M004 Panel assembly $388.00
Potentiometer 970M012 10k ohm potentiometer for front panel $20.00
Sensor970M002 Sensor assembly $1002.00
Terminal Block970M014 Terminal bock $15.00
Transmitter 970M001 Transmitter $920.00
Vapor Blub (Long)970M006 Vapor temperature bulb (16" length) $166.00
Water Blub (Short)970M005 Water temperature bulb (8" length) $152.00