977-C Quick Links

977-C Calibration Standards

A complete description of the calibration process for the Model 977-C Turbidimeter is available in our Installation Manual. Calibration standard solution is available directly from GFS Chemicals using the links below. We recommend you purchase a minimum volume of 500ml.

0 NTU Standard (500ml use SKU 85004, 1L use SKU 85005, 1gal use SKU 85006)

10 NTU Standard (500ml use SKU 85065, 1L use SKU 85063, 1gal use SKU 85067)

100 NTU Standard (500ml use SKU 85095, 1L use SKU 85092, 1gal use SKU 85097)

1000 NTU Standard (500ml use SKU 85125, 1L use SKU 85122, 1gal use SKU 85126)