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Turbidimeter 977-C

Turbidimeter - click to enlarge The Turbidimeter Model 977-C is an innovative turbidimeter which utilizes an insertion-type sensor. A submersible sensor is available for open channel applications. Since the sensor can be inserted in any size pipe, costly by-pass systems are not required. The design eliminates the effects of fluid color. In-situ measurements provide instantaneous accurate readings and a choice of isolated linear outputs is supplied as standard. A 4-position calibrated range dial allows for the selection of four NTU ranges.

The Model 977-C Turbidimeter uses a pre-focused incandescent lamp to direct a beam of light through the process fluid. Particulate matter in the fluid scatters light in proportion to particulate concentration. The scattered light is detected by a silicon detector which generates a current signal proportional to the particulate concentration. The electronic signal converter amplifies and scales the current signal to provide a linear readout on a digital meter plus an isolated output signal.

For more details, please download our installation manual:

Installation Manual (current model, serial #1243 and higher)

Installation Manual (older model, serial #1242 and lower)