Suspended Solids Monitor 978-C

Suspended Solids Monitor - click to enlarge

This innovative suspended solids monitor accurately measures the concentration of solids in clear or colored fluids. The instrument offers a low range scale of 0-2000ppm and scales up to 0-50% suspended solids. The instrument is available with either an insertion-type or submersible-type sensor. The insertion-type sensor slips through a compression fitting allowing installation into any size pipe, which eliminates costly bypass systems. The submersible sensor is used in tanks, ponds or open channel applications.

In-situ measurements provide instantaneous, accurate readings without sampling. The instrument comes with your choice of isolated linear outputs (4-20mA is standard).

The Suspended Solids Monitor Model 978-C uses a pre-focused incandescent lamp to direct a beam of light through the process fluid. Particulate matter in the fluid absorbs light in proportion to particulate concentration. The transmitted light is received by a silicon detector which generates a current signal proportional to the particulate concentration. The electronic signal converter amplifies and scales the current signal to provide a readout on a meter and an isolated output signal.

For more details, please see our 978-C Installation & Instruction Manual.