Suspended Solids Monitor Pricing

US Dollars
978C000 978-C Suspended Solids Monitor with Insertion-Type Sensor, 110/220VAC power, 4-20mA output, NEMA 1 enclosure and 25 feet of cable. Please specify solids range/type and application: 0-2000ppm, 0-0.2000%, 0-2.000%, 0-20%, 0-200% solids $2,600.00
978C600 12 VDC Power 12 VDC powered transmitter option for 978-C $250.00
978C601 24 VDC Power 24 VDC powered transmitter option for 978-C $250.00
978C900 Cable Extra interconnecting cable for 978-C (per foot) $1.60
978C300 Dual Alarms Dual alarm option for 978-C $330.00
978C500 Light Shield Light shield option for 978-C Submerisble Sensor $250.00
978C100 Nema 4X Nema 4X enclosure option for 978-C $323.00
978C200 Pipe Insertion Adapter Pipe insertion/removal adapter option for 978-C Insertion Sensor $165.00
978C400 Submersible Sensor Submersible-type sensor option for 978-C (includes 50 feet of cable) $200.00


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